2019 International Conference on Advances in Civil and Ecological Engineering Research (ACEER 2019)
Other Attractions
The followings are some other attractions nearby which are not included in the group tour. If necessary, you can ask the conference secretary to help you contact a tour guide.

Fo Guang Shan Buddha Museum

The Fo Guang Shan Buddha Museum, previously known as the Buddha Memorial Center, is a Mahayana Buddhist cultural, religious and educational museum located in Dashu District, Kaohsiung, Taiwan. The museum is affiliated with Fo Guang Shan, one of Taiwan's largest Buddhist organizations. The museum purportedly houses one of the tooth relics of Sakyamuni Buddha, the founder of the Buddhist faith.

The Fo Guang Big Buddha behind the Main Hall towers 108 meters high, making it the tallest sitting bronze Buddha statue in the world. Other attractions here include the Three Acts of Goodness Children's Gallery, Cultural Square at the Four Givings Pagoda, House of Joy and Celebration at the Five Harmonies Pagoda, and sutra transcriptions, prayer service, and Tea Chan at the Twin Pavilions. The Main Hall is dedicated mainly to the holy relics of the Sakyamuni Buddha. In addition to the Main Hall, there is a permanent museum and exhibition hall. The museum is especially busy during the period from the Lunar New Year holiday to the Lantern Festival. At that time, the hillside is covered with lanterns, creating a festive mood.

Kenting & Kenting National Park

Located in Pingtung, a beautiful city in southern Taiwan, Kenting is a popular, enchanting holiday destination for all types of travelers. Having a tropical climate, summer in Kenting is usually hot and mild in winter, which makes Kenting a pleasant Taiwan holiday destination to visit all year round.

Kenting is the paradise of leisure and fun, as well as the home to tropical forests, meadows, and seaside cliffs. The Kenting National Park has an area more than 33 hectares covering notable Kenting attractions include Eluanbi Park, Nanwan, Maobitou, Longluantan, and many others. Discover Kenting, the wonderful Taiwan tourist destination that enthralls travelers of all ages.

Kenting National Park is a national park of Taiwan, located in Hengchun, Pingtung County, Taiwan. The park is the oldest and southernmost park in Taiwan and was established on January 1, 1984. Kenting National Park covers a total area of 33,268 hectares of land and maritime environments. This is Taiwan's most densely populated national park, and it includes large stretches of agricultural land's providing visitors with a view of typical Taiwanese rural life. In addition, the national park includes mountains, forests, pasture, lakes, sand dunes, beaches, and coral reefs imply everything you could desire when you want to get up front and personal with Mother Nature.

Alishan National Scenic Area

Alishan National Scenic Area was founded in 2001 and covers the Alishan Forest Recreation Area, Rueili, Fengshan, Taiho, Daban, Shanmei, and Chashan villages. The high altitude affects the climate at Alishan bringing it to an average of 10 Celsius. The combination of cool weather and beautiful mountain scenery has made Alishan the most popular summer getway in Taiwan.

Alishan National Scenic Area, with altitudes ranging from 1400 to 2600, covers four different environment zones. The tropic, sub-tropic, temperate and frigid zones have made possible a great variety zones of specific flora and fauna. With abundant rain and pleasant environment, the area is covered with endless forests. The Taiwan Red Cypress and the endemic Taiwan Pleione are among some of the famous native trees found in the area. Alishan was established as a Natural Reserve with the purpose of preserving the Taiwan Pleione around twenty years ago. It is a great environment to examine botanical ecology or simply enjoy the beauty of nature. The Alishan Forest Railway, a moving ecological museum crossing four environmental zones and rising from an altitude of 30 meters to 2216 meters, is a three and a half hour ride. The unique spiraling and zigzag path of the Alishan Forest Railway is a riding experience no other mountain railway can provide.

For more details about travel in Taiwan, please visit: https://eng.taiwan.net.tw/m1.aspx?sno=0002121

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